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SCIS Pudong Here at SCIS Pudong we take pride in our state of the art, purpose-built school campus. Our world-class facilities reflect our school mission, allowing us to provide a wide range of spaces for our students to pursue personal and academic excellence.
Serving our Lower School, Middle School and High School, our building has been designed to give each division its own spaces within the campus, while also allowing them access to shared facilities.  


Our campus facilities have everything a student needs to grow academically, physically, and socially.


  SCIS Pudong Classroom 1   SCIS Pudong Classroom 2


We have spacious student-centered classrooms equipped with developmentally appropriate resources and technology.




SCIS Pudong Lower School Library SCIS Pudong Lower School Library



We have over 85,000 books accessible in our beautiful Lower and Upper School libraries.




SCIS Pudong Cafeteria SCIS Pudong Cafeteria 2


Our school cafeteria is designed to make lunch a wonderful time for social development.






SCIS Pudong Gymnasium SCIS Pudong Indoor Gymnasium



Multifunctional Upper and Lower School gymnasiums.





SCIS Pudong Swimming Pool SCIS Pudong Soccer Pitch


6 lane, 25 meter length swimming pool, all-weather outdoor soccer pitch and sprint track






SCIS Pudong Dance Studio SCIS Pudong Fitness Center



Dance Studio & Fitness Center






SCIS Pudong Playground 1 SCIS Pudong Playground 2


Outdoor playgrounds for Lower School students






SCIS Pudong Ball Pit 1 SCIS Pudong Ball Pit 2 SCIS Pudong Indoor Play Area


Multi-level indoor playground and multi-purpose play space for early childhood students







SCIS Pudong Art 1 SCIS Pudong Art 2


Expansive art classrooms with equipment to explore a multitude of artistic mediums





SCIS Pudong Art Gallery 1 SCIS Pudong Art Gallery 2


Art gallery for displaying student and community projects






SCIS Pudong Theater SCIS Pudong Black Box Theater


700 person capacity Performing Arts & Black Box Theaters; complete with a full light and sound systems




SCIS Pudong HS Student Lounge SCIS Pudong HS Student Lounge


Middle and Upper School lounges for students to socialize






Our spacious and fully air filtered building is served with comprehensive wireless internet and features a host of public spaces for our students and community to gather.  Student art work and reminders of our diverse international community adorn the hallways to help encourage artistic expression and promote Dragon Spirit!


SCIS Pudong Art Displays 1 SCIS Pudong Art Displays 2 SCIS Pudong Art Displays 3

SCIS Pudong Lobby 1 SCIS Pudong Common Area SCIS Pudong Library Lounge










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