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Lower School Overview

At SCIS, Lower School students learn all the basics – reading and writing, math and science, social studies and spelling, but it is the spirit of the schools that make it such a special places.  The intangibles are what set our program apart and inspire our students, parents, and faculty.  The spirit resides in the special relationships students form with their teachers, in the unique approach our educators take to basic materials and bring to each classroom, and in the special programs that involve families and the community.


From the art room to the theater where creativity can be limitless, to hands-on science experiments that have students clamoring to be novice scientists, we offer an educational environment that stimulates each student’s creative and academic interests, encouraging an early love of learning.  Based on the best standards and practices used around the world, our curriculum meets the wide range of learning needs and backgrounds of international students.  The balance in our curriculum between academics and the arts, technological and experiential, fun and challenging, exposes each curious child to the endless possibilities for lifelong learning.


In the Lower School, most subjects are taught by the homeroom teacher, except those mark (*) which are taught by specialists. Subjects are departmentalised in the Upper School. Students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5 study a number of mandatory subjects. The mandatory subjects are:


  • English (referred to hereafter as Language Arts)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Mandarin Language and Culture*
  • Physical Education
  • Integrate Computer Education*
  • Music*
  • Visual Arts*
  • Rhythm and movement*


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